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Our Programs at Educational Resource Associates

All our programs are individually written for each student. We consistently provide high degrees of accountability.  Our Mastery Teaching approach requires students to gain knowledge at 100% mastery.

Programs are built around carefully sequenced skills for mastery of larger goals. We deliver instruction based only on the skills the student lacks. We deliver educational programs intensively and for short periods of time. Intensive work is the fastest way to ensure educational growth and skill retention.

Our Director, Judy Hintz, is qualified to diagnose the many current labels such as dyslexia, dysgraphia, and autism. These labels carry the danger of faulty stigmatization of the student. This reinforces more negative outcomes at school. We dig deeper to find each student’s strengths to build on while working on deficiencies.

Remedial programs at Educational Resources Associates are unique for the following reasons:

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Early identification of children who will have reading and language problems is a must. The amount of time spent in remediation is often shorter when early identification is stressed.
Programs at Educational Resource Associates are not tutoring. They are remediation—that is we go back in reading, math, written language and comprehension areas, and fill in the gaps that are missing. This allows a student to build a firm foundation for further learning.
Programs are designed to completely remediate learning problems. Our objective for our students is that they should be functioning at their IQ level. This includes students who are labeled “learning disabled” or “dyslexic”. IQ at Educational Resource Associates are on an average of 120! (above average level)
The emphasis is on the academic need, not the deficit of the child. Thus, terms such as “behavior disorder”, “learning disabled”, or “dyslexic” are not used to stigmatize students.
All programs are on an individual basis. Because of low teacher/pupil ratios, the teacher can actually carry out the programs that are needed.
All students are place on a management system that rewards appropriate behavior and academic responses.
All programs use a mastery teaching technique. That means each student is able to perform desired responses 100% of the time. Many school difficulties are due to “exposure” teaching rather than mastery teaching.
Distractions and previous associates with school failure are minimized at Educational Resource Associates.
Frequent testing and retesting as well as determination of skill mastery is part of all educational programs (accountability). This is to avoid students being placed in programs that are not beneficial to them. Again, the emphasis for instruction is that the responsibility belongs to us, the teachers at Education Resource Associates. Lack of skill development is not due to student inadequacies, but inadequacy of the educational program.

Our Success and Our Strengths

Our programs are designed to be short-term duration but very intense instruction. It is not unusual for a student to make a 20% to 30% gain in basic skills scores after completion of our reading program.

High school students begin functioning from the C and D range to the A and B range;

Generally speaking, teachers see carryover into the classroom within two to three weeks of beginning our services.

Call Director Judy K. Hintz at (515) 225-8513 for more information and pricing or request a call back — we look forward to hearing from you!

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