Summer Program

Highly Experienced | Fully Licensed | Locally Owned

Let us help your child get ahead and join our one-on-one summer program that will set your student up for success!

Experience the transformative power of our one-on-one summer program designed to give your child a competitive edge. Our expert educators are dedicated to unlocking your student’s full potential and providing personalized guidance tailored to their unique learning style. With our comprehensive curriculum and individualized attention, we ensure that each student receives the support they need to excel academically. Give your child the opportunity to thrive and set them up for success by enrolling them in our summer program today.

We offer flexible scheduling from 7 AM – 11 PM, for in-person or online learning.

Tutor explaining lesson to young student

Our tutoring programs have a proven track record of simplifying what others see as hard.

Areas of focus include:

Preschool/Kindergarten 1 on 1!

ACT Test Prep (6 to 11 points growth)

Systematic Intense Phonics

Writing Program

Spelling and Application of Rules


Math at All Levels

Programs for the Unmotivated Learner

Adult Programming

Study Skills for High School and College

All Subject Tutoring

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