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Welcome to our Preschool & Kindergarten Tutoring Program!

Are you seeking the best educational start for your child’s Preschool and Kindergarten years? Then you’re in the right place. At the Educational Resource Associates tutoring center, we understand the unique needs of young learners and the importance of a solid learning foundation for their future success.

Here’s why you should consider using ERA for your child.

Our personalized approach ensures that every child receives individual attention. Our tutoring is tailored instruction with targeted skill development. Our experienced one-on-one tutoring and small kinder groups at the Whiz Kid Academy are dedicated to building your child’s confidence. Helping them to develop essential skills while preparing your child for a smooth transition into school.

We believe in creating a safe and caring environment where your child can thrive. Our teachers are here to support you every step of the way while boosting your child’s confidence and helping them to LOVE LEARNING. Together, we’ll tackle challenges and celebrate their achievements as a team.

Learning will become an exciting adventure!

Ladder of Learning

At ERA we use the “Ladder of Learning” to symbolize how we go from knowing simple things to understanding more complex ideas. Imagine each step on the ladder as a new level of knowledge. We start with the basics and gradually climb higher, gaining more wisdom and skills along the way.

So, get ready for your kids to climb higher, gain new knowledge, and unlock their full potential. 

Together, we’ll make the journey up the ladder of learning exciting and rewarding. Let’s start climbing and reach new heights together!

Ladder of learning of Preschool & Kindergarten

Some Of The Key Areas Covered at Our Whiz Kids Academy.

Cursive Writing

Early Readers Program

Readiness Programs

Maths Mastery

Language and Speech Curriculum

Brain Development Classes

Confidence Building

To find out how we can help your pre-school/kindergarten child call Educational Resource Associates today for more information. Call at (515) 225-8513.

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‘Judy and her staff have had amazing, some would say miraculous, success with their clients who come from all over the U.S. for help. … She and the staff are not only “kid fixers,” they can be “life changers!

Other Classes

Elementary School Tutoring

We prioritize finding, preventing, and addressing learning gaps early to ensure your child acquires the skills and knowledge necessary to bridge the gaps and thrive academically.

Middle School Tutoring

Investing in middle school tutoring is an investment in your child’s future. Providing them with the tools, knowledge, and groundwork for a lifetime of learning.

High School Tutoring

High school tutoring provides the academic support, guidance, and skills necessary to excel in high school, gain admission to top colleges, and succeed in their chosen careers.

College-Level and Adult Tutoring

At our college and adult tutoring services, we empathize with the unique goals of struggling individuals, helping them overcome academic challenges, excel in coursework, or desired academic and professional goals.
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