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Online Tutoring Services

Educational Resource Associates is excited to provide online tutoring! If you need to advance in reading, math, ACT/SAT prep, or just want to start a new program, call now to join our students from California, Massachusetts, Illinois, South Dakota, Texas, and all over Iowa. Online tutoring is so easy and you never have to worry about road conditions.

Receive the benefits of the same high-quality instruction in reading, math, written language, and test prep aimed at ages 3 to adult without ever needing to walk out your front door — you never have to worry about road conditions!

Cheerful tutor is tutoring her student on online

Online testing is conducted by Director Judy Hintz, a skilled diagnostician. Our education programs are delivered intensively, and accurately, and carry a proven record of success.

Call Director Judy K. Hintz at (515) 225-8513 for more information and pricing or contact us at the form below — we look forward to hearing from you!

– Ann Swaim

Before Judy’s program, our son had given up. Learning was torture. In less than 9 weeks, our son has gone from a first-grade understanding of math to a sixth-grade understanding of math. And on top of that, he loves doing it!

Sure, this program isn’t cheap, but it saved our son’s life. That is priceless.

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