The Keys to Success with High School Tutoring.

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Investing in high school tutoring is an investment in your child's future

It provides academic support, guidance, and skills necessary to excel in high school, gain admission to top colleges, and succeed in their chosen careers. High school tutoring ensures that students make the most of this transformative phase and unlock their full potential.

Here are some of the concerns we hear from our high school tutoring parents…

Are you looking to unlock your teenager’s academic potential and set them on the path to success? If so, we’re happy you are here!  With high school tutoring at Educational Resource Associates (ERA), we provide you and your kids with 40 years of teaching experience.

We feel like our high school is failing our child.

My son, has been labeled with ADHD, Dyslexia, or a reading disability?

Our kids are in Special Ed classes and getting nowhere.

If you can relate to any of these issues then investing in high school tutoring for your child is a wise decision.

Having a personalized study plan will help bridge your child’s knowledge gap, and enhances their understanding and confidence. Doing the hard work at this age will set your high school child up to have an easier and brighter future.

Especially if they are thinking of the best college.

High school is a critical stage in a student’s educational journey, making high school tutoring so important. Here’s why:

College and Career Readiness

High school is a really important time for getting ready for college and future careers. Tutoring can also help you with planning for college entry exams, finding scholarships, or figuring out what kind of job you might want in the future.

Challenging Academic Program

High school curriculum becomes more challenging and specialized, with advanced courses and subjects. High school tutoring offers personalized instruction and supports tailored to these advanced topics, enabling students to grasp complex concepts, develop critical thinking skills, and perform at their best academically.

Standardized Test Preparation

High school is when standardized tests like the SAT and ACT become crucial for college admissions. High school tutoring will provide targeted test preparation, teach effective test-taking strategies, and help students build the knowledge and confidence needed to achieve their best scores.

GPA Improvement

High school grades and GPA play a significant role in college admissions and scholarships. High school tutoring can help students improve their academic performance, strengthen their understanding of subjects, and develop effective study techniques, ultimately leading to higher grades and a more competitive GPA.

Advanced Placement (AP) Courses

Many high schools offer AP courses, which provide college-level rigor and the opportunity to earn college credit. High school tutoring can support students in excelling in these demanding courses, ensuring they are prepared for the AP exams and maximizing their chances of earning college credit.

Individualized College Planning

High school tutoring can assist students in creating personalized college plans that align with their interests, goals, and strengths. Tutors can guide students through the college application process, help them craft compelling personal statements, and provide valuable insights to make informed decisions about college choices.

Confidence and Motivation

High school tutoring fosters a sense of confidence and motivation in students. By receiving personalized attention, guidance, and academic support, students gain the confidence to tackle challenging subjects and assignments. This enhanced self-assurance leads to increased motivation, a positive attitude towards learning, and a belief in their ability to succeed academically.

To find out how we can help your high school child call Educational Resource Associates today for more information. Call at (515) 518-6184.


Since I’ve been going to Judy’s it’s been awesome. I’ve learned a lot. I’ve gotten ten times better than I’ve gotten since I went to high school and middle school. I’ve learned a lot more from Judy than from the school district.’

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