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At the Dyslexia Institute of Iowa, located in West Des Moines, we recognize a special opportunity to support students who face challenges related to dyslexia, including those who may be undiagnosed.

So what is Dyslexia?

We think of it as a learning difference affecting language processing which can pose challenges in reading and spelling. At the Dyslexia Institute of Iowa, we are dedicated to empowering dyslexic learners through personalized support and learning-based interventions.

Our expert team is committed to helping individuals of all ages develop strong reading skills, enhance their comprehension skills, and cultivate self-confidence. We do this by embracing our students’ strengths, helping them think differently by overcoming challenges and unlocking their true potential for a bright future.

With our support, students can embark on a transformative journey towards academic and personal success.

Contact us today and discover how the Dyslexia Institute of Iowa can make a difference in your dyslexia journey.

- How it Works -

Unlock your potential with the dyslexia institue of iowa

Judy Hintz of ERA has been working with Dylexia students, both adults and children, for over 40 years. She is a trained diagostician and a special education consultant.

Step 1

We understand that this can be difficult, so why not contact us here at the Dyslexia Institute of Iowa at 515 225 8513 to see how we can help.

Step 2

Judy Hintz will conduct an assessment to determine if you or your child has dyslexia.

Step 3

If dyslexia is present, she will create a plan to help you or your child overcome it.

- Founder -

Judy Hintz

Judy Hintz, Founder and Director of Educational Resource Associates

Embarking on a transformative journey spanning over four decades, Judy Hintz stands as a pioneering figure in the realm of dyslexia and special education expertise. As the visionary force behind Educational Resource Associates, Judy’s impact resonates deeply within the educational landscape, offering a beacon of hope and growth for students of all ages.

Judy is a renowned specialist in working with dyslexic students, both adults and children. As a trained diagnostician and licensed educational consultant in the state of Iowa, Judy brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to Educational Resource Associates.

Judy’s educational background includes a Bachelor’s degree in elementary education and early childhood, and a Master’s degree specifically focused on learning disabilities, with a subset specialization in dyslexia and behavior disorders. Her deep understanding of these conditions enables her to provide comprehensive and effective support to her students. She is qualified to diagnose dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, language disorders, and autism.

Driven by her belief that students are often inadequately diagnosed, Judy founded the Dyslexia Institute. Her approach involves utilizing a range of specialized testing methods tailored to each student’s age and specific learning symptoms. Notably, Judy excels in addressing the most severe cases of learning difficulties, making it her specialty.

Through her expertise, Judy has transformed the lives of countless individuals who were struggling in school and life. Her commitment to accurate diagnosis and tailored interventions has resulted in remarkable outcomes for her students. Judy’s passion for helping students overcome their challenges and regain their confidence shines through in every aspect of her work.

With her extensive experience, specialized testing methods, and focus on personalized care, she is dedicated to empowering individuals and providing them with the tools they need to thrive. Contact Judy Hintz today and take the first step towards a brighter future.

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